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Multimillion-Dollar Road Project Set for Arlington, Mansfield

Difficult stretch of road expected to get needed upgrades



    Multimillion-Dollar Road Project Set for Arlington, Mansfield
    Improvements are coming soon to Calendar Road.

    A windy and narrow stretch of roadway in Arlington and Mansfield has proved too tricky for some drivers to navigate, including school bus drivers who have ended up in ditches that line Calender Road.

    Now, both cities plan to spend several million dollars repairing and upgrading the road.

    "The main problem I see is there's no shoulder, " said Jerry Osborne, who has lived off of the two-lane road since the mid-1980s. "There are a lot of people that walk their dogs and joggers and bikers and that sort of thing and to me it's not that safe."

    Most of the roadway is narrow, lacks curbs, bike lanes and sidewalks on either side, is poorly lit and lined with bar ditches.

    But not for long.

    Arlington is investing $7.5 million into the road that cuts through several residential communities and is home to several schools.

    “It gets very congested during the school hours, so this is a much needed improvement to help mobility and traffic to and from the schools,” said Keith Melton, interim director of Arlington Public Works and Transportation.

    Though Mansfield has already begun construction on some stretches of the road, Arlington is scheduled to begin in 2014 with widening lanes, adding sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting and underground storm sewers.

    Until then, Arlington plans to temporarily widen the lanes of Calender Road where the need is most critical. Construction on the temporary solutions are expected to begin in the coming weeks.