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Mr. Holland's Civics Lesson

Richard Dreyfuss stresses civics at Mansfield ISD



    Mr. Holland's Civics Lesson

    Forgetting for the moment “Krippendorf's Tribe,” Richard Dreyfuss is a terrific actor.

    Hey, anyone who could portray Dick Cheney as a sympathetic characte... oh, never mind.

    But who knew he’s also a pretty stand-up American citizen and champion of the Democratic — the concept not necessarily the political party — process?

    He’s the celebrity namesake behind The Dreyfuss Initiative, a nonprofit group that advocates the education of civics in schools, kindergarten through 12th grades, as it applies to teaching kids how to govern and create laws in a democracy.

    Dreyfuss brought his message of civics awareness to students at Mansfield Legacy High School earlier today.

    According to the initiative website, Dreyfuss and the group set out, “To teach our kids how to run our country with common sense and realism before it’s time for them to run the country. If we don’t, someone else will run this country, and the experiment of government by, for, and of the people will have failed.”

    Let’s hope they hurry, and throw in a few lessons in civility to go along with the civics.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’ll deny this but “Mr. Holland’s Opus” kinda brought a lump to his throat.