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More Gators, More Problems



    More Gators, More Problems
    You could soon start seeing even more gators in North Texas.

    An alligator has been spotted in Dallas County pond, an unusual sight that could grow more common.

    Kevin Holiday thought he saw a log floating in the pond by his job while he was driving to work two weeks ago. But then he did a double take.

    "Nah, that log has a wake. And it's moving pretty good," he said.

    The "log" was an alligator lurking in the pond -- and not just a tiny one.

    That Gator Is No Log

    [DFW] That Gator Is No Log
    An alligator has been spotted in a Dallas County pond.
    (Published Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

    "I'd say (it is) between a 5- and 8-foot alligator," said David Bosecker, a game warden for the Texas Parks and Wildlife. "Where it came from exactly, I don't know."

    He said the thinks the alligator is feeding on turtles, fish and frogs in the pond.

    Bosecker said alligators are common in Dallas County. He said he expects the population in North Texas to get even bigger.

    "It is going to be more common over the next 10 to 15 years," he said. "This is their native habitat. They are migrating back into this country."

    The small, private pond Holiday saw the gator in is accessible from the road, so Bosecker asked that its exact location not be identified. He said he didn't want curious people to come and walk around the lake.

    The secluded area of south Dallas County is dotted with lakes and ponds. Many people stop and fish the watering holes.

    Bosecker said this particular alligator has not shown any fear toward humans. It even approached animal control officers walking around the lake, which makes Bosecker uneasy.

    "It came towards them," he said. "My concern is, if it's not afraid of people, it could be a threat."

    The game warden said a private company will set out traps, and once the animal is caught, it will be moved to a safer area.