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Mom Hit in Face During Fight on Youth Football Field



    A Kennedale mother says she was punched in the face after angry parents rushed onto field during a youth football game. (Published Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012)

    "Fists were flying" when angry parents of opposing teams rushed onto a youth football field during a game in Burleson, according to a mother who said she was punched in the face.

    "It is plum crazy," said Meagan Yates, of Kennedale, whose 9-year-old son was playing. "This is peewee football."

    The incident occurred Saturday during a game between Joshua and Kennedale involving 9- and 10-year-old boys.

    Yates said the trouble started at halftime after a player who had been very physical in the game made a questionable hit after Kennedale scored a touchdown.

    "The Joshua kid jumps up out of the endzone and goes after our boy and waylays him from behind," she said.

    Yates said she and Kennedale's head coach ran onto the field.

    "And at that point, the Joshua coach comes out there irate," she said. "And then next thing you know, all the parents jumped over the fence onto the field."

    She said a Kennedale parent who happens to be a federal agent flashed his badge and urged people to stop fighting.

    "They just continued to shove him around," she said. "It was bad."

    Yates said the father of a Joshua player hit her in the right cheek and caused part of her face to turn black and blue.

    Burleson police sent officers after parents called 911.

    "My understanding is, it got pretty escalated pretty fast and out-of-hand, with a lot of people involved -- pretty poor example for the kids, to say the least," Cmdr. Chris Havens said.

    Havens said the man who struck Yates left the area but was arrested a short time later in nearby Joshua.

    Joshua police said the man was charged with evading and resisting arrest but would not release his name because Burleson police are still investigating him in the football incident.

    "The kids were scared," Yates said. "The kids were very scared. It was to the point our cheerleaders left. They didn't even stay for the second half of the game. They were crying. We almost didn't have our boys to stay."

    Bobby Martin, president of the Burleson youth football league, said he believed the incident was blown out of proportion and involved just two parents. He declined further comment but pointed out that the game continued.

    Photos of the incident show a number of parents on the field in what appeared to be a physical confrontation.

    Burleson police are investigating it as an assault causing bodily injury, Havens said.

    NBC 5 was unable to reach the Joshua coach.