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Mom Charged in Vandalism of Neighbor's Home

Home vandalized with toilet paper, graffiti and food



    Colleyville Mom Charged in Kids' $6,000 Prank

    A Colleyville woman has been charged with felony criminal mischief in connection with vandalism to a home in her neighborhood that included toilet paper, graffiti and food. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012)

    A 41-year-old Colleyville wife and mother has been charged as an accomplice in $6,000 worth of vandalism to a neighboring home.

    In late July, vandals toilet-papered the home's trees, painted graffiti on its walls and left raw chicken in the mailbox, among other things.

    Tara Mauney faces a single count of felony criminal mischief in connection with the vandalism.

    Police said Mauney was hosting a group of kids at her home while a slumber party was taking place at the vandalized home.

    A group of middle-school-aged children at the vandalized home saw someone watching them while they were swimming the home's backyard pool. When they got closer to investigate, they saw several kids run from the area of the vandalism and chased them.

    One of the children reportedly told police Mauney was there as some of the kids ran toward her home.

    Investigators said they have photographic and video evidence of Mauney posing for pictures at a Walmart with kids involved in the vandalism after purchasing some of the items used in the incident.

    Mauney says she was not there at all. Her attorney, Brian Willet, said he wants his client to take a lie detector test to determine if she was there and to help determine how the case will move forward.

    Colleyville police say arrests or citations are pending against a number of juveniles, some of whom have already confessed.

    Mauney is expected in court sometime in October.