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Mesquite Residents Cry Foul Over Flying Baseballs

City to evaluate ways to prevent foul balls from leaving field



    Residents who live across from the Evans Baseball Field in Mesquite say they are tired of foul balls breaking home and car windows. (Published Thursday, July 12, 2012)

    Residents of a Mesquite apartment complex want the city to reduce the number of foul balls from baseball fields across the street.

    More than 100 people from the Foxwood Apartment Complex petitioned the city about foul balls from the Evans Baseball Field and Recreation Center that smash windows, damage cars and nearly hit people.

    Peggy Moyer said a foul ball landed on her car several weeks ago and shattered a window.

    "I'm tired, I'm angry, because the city is not doing anything about it," she said.

    Moyer paid $250 to fix her shattered car window, money she hopes she to get reimbursed.

    "They come over they hit our patios, they break windows out," she said. "We can't walk in the evenings. We can't even sit on our patios."

    Carlene Davis said she started parking her car to the side of the apartment complex during games and she became more cautious after a foul ball hit her bedroom window last year.

    "Glass just went everywhere, and it scared me," she said. "That glass could have cut me."

    Residents said the baseballs have a problem for years, but the city said this is the first time they have heard about it.

    "The parks been here for more than 20 years, and this is the first time we've heard about the complaints, but we are very concerned," said Cliff Keheley, city parks director.

    The city will look at either raising the fences or getting a new backstop to prevent foul balls from leaving the field.

    Residents said they hope the city doesn't strike out on its plan.

    "People have died from baseballs hitting them in the head, so what will the city do then?" Moyer said.

    The city is waiting on an evaluation on the fences and hopes to start making improvements in a few months.