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Mesquite Residents Worry New Districts Will Continue Old Neglect

Mesquite City Council to vote on redistricting



    Changes to Mesquite City Council boundaries could be coming under a new proposal scheduled to be voted on by council members Monday.

    Every three years, the City Council reviews the district boundaries with a goal of preserving and maintaining an equal number of residents in each district.

    The City Council examined the population of the four districts from the 2010 Census and found that it needs to make adjustments to the boundaries of the districts.

    If the proposal is approved, some residents will be assigned to a different district, and their City Council representative will change.

    “It is important to note that in Mesquite, all of the registered voters are allowed to vote for all of the City Council members despite what district they live in,” said Wayne Larson, with the city of Mesquite.

    Some residents in older neighborhoods worry the new boundaries will divert attention from their already deteriorating neighborhoods.

    “I’m just afraid that these new boundaries are going to neglect the older neighborhoods and focus more on the affluent and more developed areas," said Lisa McDonald, Mesquite resident.

    Long-term resident Linda Sewel agrees that changes are necessary, but only if council members focus on existing problems in neighborhoods.

    “I do believe it will help our representatives to focus more closely on each district that they have,” said Sewel. “And hopefully they do make improvements on our roads, on our lawns.”