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Mesquite Church Still Recovering After Sanctuary Burned

Eastridge Park Congregational Methodist Church holding services at events venue next door



    Members of East Ridge Park Congregational Methodist Church aren't letting a fire in their sanctuary keep them from having Sunday or Christmas services. (Published Friday, Dec. 21, 2012)

    Members of a Mesquite church are still recovering after their sanctuary went up in flames less than a week before Christmas.

    But the Eastridge Park Congregational Methodist Church is not letting the fire get in the way of Sunday and Christmas services. Church members say their faith is fireproof.

    "This is a building," said Lisa Jackson, a longtime church member. "It's not our spirit; this is not God. It's our church, our church. It just killed our soul, and then it's like we will rise from the ashes."

    The community has stepped up, helping the church pick up where it left off. An events venue next door is allowing the congregation to use its chapel until the church can be rebuilt.

    "There were more blessings that were coming out of it from the community and surrounding friends that kind of out-shadowed the despair for us," pastor Mark Mills said.

    No one was injured, but the fire has drawn them closer to one another, he said.

    "We would not be defeated," Jackson said. "We would still march forward for what we believe in and use this as an opportunity to grow."

    Church services on Sunday will go on as planned at Palais Royale events venue in Mesquite at 11 a.m.