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DFW Men Explain DFW Men

Video delves into the male psyche — the shallow end of the pool



    DFW Men Explain DFW Men
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    Does the future of your relationship depend on a kiss?


    A video feature posted on You+Dallas, a relatively new lifestyle and entertainment outlet, serves as a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement for women.
    The interviewer asks men to explain the male thought processes so women can understand what goes on in our simple minds.
    The first segment pretty much tells the whole story. Guys stumble and stammer in search of the proper explanation. They turn introspective or stare blankly and shrug.
    What’s to explain? We’re rudimentary creatures and our outward words or actions reflect our true inner thoughts.
    When a guy says he’s almost ready to go, he means all he has to do is grab the keys and head out the door. A woman, on the other hand, means she just selected her dress for the evening, but the shoes, hair, makeup, and accessories might take a little while — like, turn on the ballgame, man, and if it goes into extra innings, you have time.
    My favorite part comes when the guy with the chin stitches tries to explain that guys really want to fix things, and when a woman talks about a problem she shouldn’t be surprised that her man suggests ways to rectify the situation although all she wants is a sympathetic ear.
    It’s a basic difference. Woman wants support. Man wants to intervene. And when the two come to loggerheads, who’s the one who has to acquiesce?
    Here’s a hint boys: It better be you if you want to ensure the domestic tranquility.
    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s one to give relationship advice what with three divorces.