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Snowed in on Memorial Day

School district making up snow day on Monday



    Snowed in on Memorial Day
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    snow make up day in Grand Prairie

    Grand Prairie students will pay the price for a snow day this holiday weekend.

    The Grand Prairie Independent School District will be in session on Memorial Day to make up a day that was canceled during February's record snowstorm.

    "I'm driving my grandson to Arnold, and there's this big picture up there, or a sign, that says, 'Memorial Day is a school day,' and I went, 'What?"" Dora Rodriguez said.

    Some parents said they are angry about the district's choice of makeup days.

    Memorial Day Ruined by Snow

    [DFW] Memorial Day Ruined by Snow
    The Grand Prairie Independent School District picked Memorial Day to make up for a snow make up day.
    (Published Thursday, May 27, 2010)

    "I thought that by Monday being a holiday, the kids should have been off," said parent Catherine Vincent.

    She said the district could have picked a better makeup day.

    Parents complained when GPISD students sacrificed Good Friday to make up a weather day last school year. This year, the district chose Memorial Day.

    The state requires all schools in Texas to designate two weather makeup days in its calendar. The dates can't be changed once the state approves them.

    "One of the things that we tell them every year, 'Carefully consider the days that are picked for bad weather makeup days,' because in the many, many years that I've been doing this job, I can tell you nobody likes to make up bad weather days," said GPISD spokesman Sam Buchmeyer.

    Rodriguez  said her family will grin and bear it.

    "I don't want to fight, you know," she said. "I just got to send them to school and get them out there and do what it is they have to do."

    But Vincent said her family is going to keep their holiday plans intact.

    "We're going to Sea World right there in San Antonio," she said. "I'm going to spend some time with my daughter."

    The school district said it will be flexible with staff members who have already made plans for Memorial Day. Regular attendance rules will apply to students.

    Students in the Dallas and Fort Worth school districts made up their snow day on Good Friday. Arlington Independent School District students made up the day May 3.