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McKinney Police Warn of "Bottle Bombs"

Officers say homemade explosives could easily hurt children



    After multiple incidents, police in McKinney are asking people to be on the look out for "bottle bombs."

    McKinney police said the homemade bombs are often constructed by teenagers using household items, such as plastic bottles. Officers said they could easily hurt or potentially kill someone.

    "They are extremely dangerous because they are very volatile, and it's a substantial explosion that those bottle bombs create," Lt. Mark Moyle said. "That explosion is substantial enough to cause bodily injury or death."

    Moyle said the most recent incident occurred on Aug. 11, when a McKinney man woke up to a large explosion. The next day, he found remnants of a bottle bomb on his street.

    McKinney Sees Several "Bottle Bomb" Incidents

    [DFW] McKinney Sees Several "Bottle Bomb" Incidents
    Police say several homemade "bottle bombs" have exploded in McKinney recently.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011)

    Officers said there have been two similar incidents. Moyle said a child was injured in one of the explosions.

    "They could hurt someone's kid, they could kill someone's kid," mother Tracey Nick said. "It's just a bad deal."

    Officers said they are asking anyone with information about who set off the bombs to come forward.

    Constructing a bottle bomb is a third-degree felony, Moyle said.