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McKinney Narrowing Search for Serial Vandals



    McKinney Police say they believe teenagers are to blame for a rash of vandalism in several neighborhoods in their city. They’re asking people to search home surveillance video for clues. (Published Thursday, May 29, 2014)

    McKinney police said they’re narrowing down leads after a rash of vandalism over Memorial Day weekend.

    They report dozens of reports of car tires slashed and property damaged in neighborhoods near Bennett Elementary School.

    According to police, it appears the vandals are going by foot from house-to-house through several developments.

    Neighbors said they include Canterbury and Eagle Creek.

    Kyle Greywall said he discovered all four of his tires slashed on Saturday morning by what appeared to a large knife.

    “Whoever did this, I wish they’d find some other way to entertain themselves than destroying other people’s property,” Greywall said.

    Officers said they suspect teenagers are to blame, adding on Thursday that while they’ve narrowed down potential suspects, they have not made any contact for interviews yet.

    In the meantime, they’re asking neighbors to check surveillance video for potential clues or the identities of the vandals.