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Massive Hot Wheels Track Drives Charity

Video raised over $1,000 for charity



    Massive Hot Wheels Track Drives Charity

    Casey Knott and his sons Aiden and Patrick love their Hot Wheels cars -- but it's the track itself that's getting more attention.

    After six months of work, dad Casey uploaded an epic video to YouTube called the "Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks."

    And what a track it is -- the course features curves, loops, boosters, and a jump during the three minute run time. Tracks run through every room, including bathrooms, in the Knott's Richardson home, and even heads down the sidewalk.

    Although it looks continuous in the video, dad Casey Knott admits the track was actually shot in segments from their roughly 150 feet of track. Casey says it took a couple of dozen nights of sons Aiden and Patrick playing with the toys to get the footage he edited into the video.

    After making the rounds around the web, the viral video is doing more than bring smiles to miniature car enthusiasts. It's helping a good cause.

    The Knott's friend Scott Griffin started a charity for his son Gabe that suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The track video raised over $1,000 for the Hope For Gabe foundation from viewers that saw the message at the end and donated to the cause.

    UPDATE: Scott Griffin with the Hope For Gabe foundation called from Alabama to let us know that they've raised $10,000 dollars for the foundation due to the video's popularity.