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Marsh Fire Extinguished in Southeast Texas

A total of 10 acres burned



    Marsh Fire Extinguished in Southeast Texas
    Associated Press
    A fire has been extinguished in a Beaumont marsh after burning 10 acres (Not the actual marsh).

    An emergency management coordinator in Southeast Texas says fires that swept through dry marshlands burned through about 10 acres before being extinguished.

    Jefferson County emergency chief Greg Fountain said the fires were started Monday by somebody welding, and they spread because it was windy and the marsh grass is dead and dry in winter.

    Fountain said Tuesday the fires were not related to a drought that has parched Texas in the past year, feeding some of the largest wildfires the state has ever seen.

    Fountain described the fires about 80 miles east of Houston as minor compared to the wildfires that swept through Central Texas and West Texas last spring and summer.