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Man Surprises, Tries to Pull Woman From Parked Car in Deep Ellum

Second man may have been recording attack, police say



    Dana Taylor says she was sitting in her unlocked car waiting for her daughter to come out of dance class in Deep Ellum when a man yanked her car door open and demanded she give up her car. She refused to budge and honked her car horn until help arrived and chased the car thief away. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    A Dallas woman says her natural instincts saved her when a man surprised her and tried to pull her out of her car Monday night while another man filmed it.

    Dana Taylor was waiting for her daughter's dance class to end when she attacked while she was looking at her phone inside her parked car in Deep Ellum. A man suddenly yanked open her car door tried to pull her from her vehicle, she said.

    "I just turned and looked and here's this man in my car door, yanking it open," she said. "He was basically inside, body-wise, inside the car, trying to get me out."

    Taylor started to scream and honk her car's horn -- which caught the attention of two men inside the dance studio. They rushed outside and chased away the attackers.

    "I think it was mother bear trying to protect the cub," she said of her reaction. "You're not getting me out of here. You're not getting the car."

    Police said another man may have recorded the attack on his cellphone, which Taylor said she found disturbing.

    "Are you really that jaded and messed up that you're filming somebody, that you're trying to steal their car?" she said.

    Taylor said she feels lucky but is still thinking about the attack.

    "I just keep seeing the guy's face. It will replay on my mind a few times. I can kind of see him," she said. "You're picking your child up from a dance studio, and you're sitting there waiting. How in my right mind would I think something like that would have happened last night?"