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Man Spies Bobcat Near Coppell Rec Center



    Bobcat Sighting in Coppell

    A bobcat was caught on video prowling around a Coppell neighborhood during daylight hours. (Published Monday, July 29, 2013)

    A bobcat has been spotted by a popular recreation center in Coppell.

    Aaron Dowdy said he saw the animal while driving down Parkway Boulevard late in the afternoon on Friday. Something caught his eye, but he wasn't sure what it was. When he turned around, he realized it was a bobcat.

    "I pulled into the parking lot, snuck up around the sign here and started taking photos of it," he said.

    Dowdy even managed to get some video.

    The bobcat, just feet from the sign in front of the Aquatic and Recreation Center was pretty unfazed at first. Then it got a little scared, headed into a bush and then took off.

    "He shot out back behind the woods, went out, I am assuming, back by the aquatic center," Dowdy said.

    The cat was out near traffic and a playground, but Dowdy appears to be the only one to see it. Animal control and police said they did not receive any reports about a bobcat in the area.

    People finding out now about the sighting say they are concerned. Indira Guizzetti, who take her kids to the recreation center almost every day said it was "crazy" and "very scary."

    The city is reminding people to not leave anything in their yard that can attract wildlife.