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Man Meets Woman Who Saved His Life: "I'm Speechless"

Crash victim meets Good Samaritan for first time since fiery wreck



    A Weatherford truck driver and his children meet the Dallas woman who pulled him from a fiery crash in Dallas. (Published Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013)

    Weatherford truck driver Elias Uribe wasn't sure what to say Friday night to the Dallas woman who saved his life in a fiery crash last week.

    "I'm speechless," he said as he got out of his pickup with a huge bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

    "It's the least that I could do," he said.

    The two met for dinner at a Weatherford restaurant -- the first time they had seen each other since early last Wednesday morning.

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    Uribe was driving his 18-wheeler when he lost control near Interstate 30 and Interstate 35 near downtown Dallas.

    Terry Sims drove by the accident on her way to work the early shift at the post office and stopped to help.

    Uribe's truck was on fire. He was trapped inside the cab. The door was jammed shut. She single-highhandedly pulled him out the window and dragged him to safety.

    In the confusion, Uribe told her thank you but wanted to meet her again.

    The two met at an On the Border restaurant in Weatherford.

    "From Weatherford, Texas, to Dallas, Texas, with love," he said as the two embraced.

    They couldn't stop hugging as Uribe's three children looked on.

    "Are you OK?" she asked.

    "I'm fine," he said. "Thank you so much. Thank you so much."

    His children had written letters to her, and they read them to her outside the restaurant's front door.

    Twelve-year-old Elias Uribe Jr. wrote: "Dear Terry Sims, thank you for helping my dad get out of the truck, and thank you for your hard effort and your love and heart. May God bless you."

    Ten-year-old Elizabeth Uribe wrote: "Dear Terry Sims, thank you for taking my dad out of the truck and pulling him out of the truck and your willingness to risk your life to save his life. Thank you for your bravery and your love for others. Sincerely, Elizabeth."

    And 8-year-old Eliazar Uribe wrote: "Dear Terry, thank you for saving my dad's life and your great effort. May God bless you. Sincerely, Eliazar Uribe."

    Sims smiled.

    "Appreciate that," she said. "I love that. That's so sweet."

    Later, inside the restaurant, the two had plenty to talk about.

    "And I could hear you and I think that's when I said, 'I need some help,'" Uribe said.

    "Yeah, I remember that," she said.

    The two went over the rescue second by second.

    "And then you almost fell on top of me," Uribe said.

    "You fell backwards," she said.

    "OK," he said, admitting he didn't have a clear memory of what had happened.

    Uribe told Sims a simple "thank you" wasn't enough for what she did.

    "I don't have any words to describe my gratitude to you," he said.

    But somehow, especially after this, no words seemed necessary.