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Man Injured, Family Killed in Fiery Crash



    Man Injured, Family Killed in Fiery Crash
    Greene Family Photo
    Wendell Greene's wife, Lakeysha; daughter, Wesleigh; and son, Kyle; were kiilled in a crash along Interstate 20 in Kaufman County on Friday. Wendell Greene is hospitalized with third-degree burns.

    A Frisco father lost his family in a fiery crash only hours into the holiday weekend.

    Wyndell Greene is recovering from third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body. He, his wife, Lakeysha; daughter, Wesleigh; and son, Kyle; were on their way to Louisiana to celebrate his son’s third birthday with family Friday. A tractor-trailer rear-ended the family's sport utility vehicle on Interstate 20 in Kaufman County.

    Greene's family was killed at the scene of the crash.

    “I think I've been broken down to my lowest level emotionally and as far as building up to just getting up every day, that's the accomplishment,” said Daquita Hardeman, Greene's sister-in-law.

    Family Rallies Around Sole Survivor

    [DFW] Family Rallies Around Sole Survivor
    Wyndell Greene's family is rallying around him as he recovers from a fiery crash that killed his wife, daughter and son.
    (Published Sunday, June 6, 2010)

    Hardeman said the entire family may need to speak to someone to deal with losing her sister, niece and nephew.

    "It's not getting better, but I feel like it can't get any worse. It couldn't get any worse,” she said.

    Hardeman said she will miss most her sister's, niece's and nephew's "life, their life -- the life within them is unmatched."

    "They're pure people, “ she said.

    Grief counselors were available to Wesleigh’s kindergarten classmates at Gunstream Elementary School in Frisco.

    Wyndell Greene is expected to spend at least two months in the hospital. But loved ones said they worry about how much fight he has left in him after learning his wife and children did not survive the crash.

    Friends say Greene was smitten with his wife since first meeting her as a graduate student at the University of Arkansas.

    "He was like, 'Man, she just gets me, man,'” said Maj Bass, Lakeysha Greene’s sorority sister and Wyndell Greene’s co-worker. “And you know it's a lot when you hear a guy say that kind of thing.”

    One of Lakeysha Greene’s longtime friends and sorority sisters, Robin Guinn, remembered her as a person of deep faith, often regarding death as simply another milestone of life, not unlike birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

    “She always said, 'God is in control. What can you do about it?” Guinn said.

    A memorial service is being planned at the Friendship Baptist Church of The Colony, where the Greenes were members.

    Wyndell Greene is hospitalized and is in and out of consciousness. He will not be able to attend any services for his family.