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Man Found Dead in His Overturned Car



    Man Found Dead in His Overturned Car
    David Johnson, 43, was found dead in his overturned car in south Dallas.

    City crews found an upside-down car under a bridge with a dead driver inside late Monday morning.

    The car was discovered n in the 6400 block of J.J. Lemmon Road where it crosses Newton Creek in far south Dallas.

    Police said David Johnson, 43, was speeding at the time of the crash. But investigators said they don't know what caused him to lose control of the car, which went off the roadway and landed upside down next to the pillars of the overpass.

    Family members said Johnson missed Sunday dinner. When he failed to show up by 6 p.m., his wife called him, but he didn't answer his cell phone.

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    David Johnson, 43, lost control of his car and crashed off a bridge less than a mile from home. City crews found his body.
    (Published Monday, March 15, 2010)

    Family members said they knew something was wrong and had started to searching for him.

    "He was a very awesome father and husband, grandfather, and he loved his family very much," said his wife, Minzola Johnson.

    His body and his car were found less than a mile from home and could not be seen from the road. Family members said they hope he didn't suffer long.

    "That's probably the hardest part right there, that's going through all our mind, and that's one of the main questions from the family members is, 'How long was he there?'" said Byron Hopkins, Johnson's cousin.

    The family's faith is helping them get through the tragedy.

    "I know he's in good hands because he loved the Lord," said Cynthia Johnson, his sister.