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Man Dragged After Argument



    Man Dragged After Argument
    James Wilson, 42.

    A Dallas man is facing several charges after cutting off another driver before taunting and assaulting him on a Grapevine roadway Monday night, Grapevine police say.

    James Darrel Wilson, 42, is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, endangering a child and criminal mischief for his role in a string of poor decisions.

    According to police, Wilson first cut off the driver of a BMW and then slowed down to get beside the car so that he could shout obscenities at the driver and passengers.  The driver, whose wife and child were in the car, then slowed his vehicle and pulled behind the truck to protect his family, only to have Wilson stop his truck in the roadway.

    Wilson and another man then got out of the truck and started walking toward the BMW. The man, concerned for the welfare of his family, also got out of his car, according to police. Wilson and his friend continued to yell until they were told the man's wife was calling the police.  At that point, police said Wilson got back in the truck, leaving the door open, and backed up into the man, knocking him down with the open door. 

    The truck then struck the BMW.

    The driver of the BMW got up and tried to get Wilson to stop, but he drove off with the BMW driver hanging on, police said.  After about 100 feet, the BMW driver let go and rolled into the roadway.

    Realizing he's left his friend behind at the BMW, Wilson stops the truck.  At this point, off-duty officer William Lain catches up to the truck and detains Wilson.  Lain witnessed part of the altercation and was approaching Wilson when he struck the driver of the BMW.

    Wilson, whom police said had been drinking, is now being held on the following charges.
    Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon - $5,000 bond
    Endangering a Child - $5,000 bond
    Criminal Mischief - $1,000 bond
    The driver of the BMW suffered only minor injuries.  His family was not injured.

    Wilson's passenger was not arrested and at this time faces no charges.