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Man, Woman Found Murdered in Arlington



    Man, Woman Found Murdered in Arlington
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    Arlington police respond to reports of an adult male and female dead inside a unit at the Stone Canyon Apartments.

    Arlington police are searching for the killer and a motive behind a double homicide.

    A relative of one of the victims discovered an adult male and female dead inside a unit at the Stone Canyon Apartments in the 2100 block of Madison Drive. Police were called to the scene around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.

    "The family member reported that she had opened the door and saw two adults that appeared to be deceased inside the apartment," said Arlington Police Information Officer Lt. Christopher Cook.

    "We don’t believe at this point it’s a murder-suicide," said Cook. "We believe that we have two homicide victims and the suspect has fled the scene."

    NBC 5 talked to people Sunday morning who live directly above the residence where the deceased man and woman were discovered.   They said they did not hear any kind of violence Saturday morning, but Randi Waybourn believed she heard the family member who discovered the victims around 11:30am.

    "I woke up yesterday morning and heard someone banging on the door and someone was saying, ‘Open the door’ or ‘Where are you at?’” recalled Waybourn.  “I didn't hear a name but I heard a pounding on the door and I was getting ready to go grocery shopping.  We go grocery shopping and come back and next thing we know police cars are everywhere."

    Arlington police cannot say yet what the motive might have been, who they're looking for or when the murders happened. Waybourn just moved to the community near Lamar and Collins a week ago and didn't know victims.

    "Everyone seems to keep to themselves, keeps quiet,” said Waybourn.  “But you never know what could be going on next door or downstairs."

    People who live in the apartments directly across the street from the crime scene saw all the police activity and told us they were taken aback by it, including Tiffanee Culifer, a young mother.

    "Definitely going to be a little more aware of what's going on around me because we don't know what happened, or if the suspect's going to come back, so definitely going to change my routine a little bit,” said Culifer.

    Arlington police told NBC 5 Sunday morning they are in the process of following leads and going through interviews they conducted with family members of the victims and neighbors. 

    Police still aren’t saying how the victims were killed.