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Man Accused of Spreading HIV Faces Victims



    Man Accused of Spreading HIV Faces Victims
    Philippe Padieu is accused of knowingly spreading HIV.

    A Frisco man accused of knowingly spreading HIV to six women faced more of his victims Thursday as Collin County prosecutors laid out their case against him.

    Philippe Padieu, 53, was arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in July of 2007.

    Prosecutors said Padieu intentionally and recklessly infected the women through unprotected sex.

    Padieu learned of his HIV positive status in September of 2005, his doctor testified Wednesday. 
    An investigation began in February 2007 after two women who tested positive for the virus contacted police.  That's when Frisco police discovered four other women from Padieu's past.

    Man Accused of Spreading HIV Faces Victim

    [DFW] Man Accused of Spreading HIV Faces Victim
    A Frisco man accused of knowingly spreading HIV to six women faces one of his victims.
    (Published Wednesday, May 20, 2009)

    Cpl. Tom Presley testified that after investigating the women's claims, Padieu was served with a "cease and desist order telling him he could not engage in any conduct that would put others at risk."

    Padieu's neighbor, Megan Smith testified Thursday that if he had told her at any point during their two-year sexual relationship that he was HIV positive, she would have never consented to sex.

    "I would have been there as a friend and I would have supported him anyway I can, I loved him," Smith said.

    Smith testified with a cast on her arm because of brittle bones, which is a symptom of HIV, as she told jurors of the difficulty she faces living with the virus.

    "Stress, embarrassment and horror -- it's stress on your whole family, there's a million different worries that come with this," she said. "Going to the doctor has become a full-time job, every three months."

    Smith testified that she lived across the street from Padieu and witnessed him still dating women. She said one day she felt compelled to interrupt so she knocked on Padieu's door. 

    When he opened it she looked at the woman and shouted, "'I'm HIV positive and I dated him too, you better get checked,' and he slammed the door in my face," she said.

    Another victim, Susan Brown, said she began a sexual relationship with Padieu in late 2005 and on Jan. 2, 2007 doctors and the county health department informed her that she was HIV positive.

    Brown said she called Padieu and said, "I've been tested for HIV and it was a positive response, I said, 'Philippe do you know what this means?' He said, 'Yes.'"

    Brown said Padieu was calm and quiet while she was screaming and crying. She urged him to get tested and to call her, but she said Padieu never called.

    Brown said she called Padieu again on Jan. 23, 2007, and he admitted he'd tested positive and told her, "Just because I'm positive and you're positive doesn't mean that I gave it to you."

    Brown said when she informed Padieu that she had given his name to county health authorities as a possible sex partner, he responded with anger, and accused her of trying to ruin his life.

    "He called me a self-righteous b****," she said.

    Padieu faces five to 99 years in prison and fines up to $10,000 if he is convicted.