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Man Accused of Peeping on Boys in Ballpark Bathroom

Man faces state, federal charges



    Man Accused of Peeping on Boys in Ballpark Bathroom

    A convicted sex offender was arrested after he was spotted going from bathroom to bathroom at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and peeping on young boys, according to a federal criminal complaint.

    Michael Manske, 48, of Hill County, was arrested after someone saw him “enter one restroom and look at young boys while they used the urinals,” the complaint said. An officer questioned him after he entered another restroom and arrested him on an outstanding traffic warrant.

    The incident happened May 13 but was not revealed until the federal charges were filed last week.

    Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said an officer was alerted by a security guard after a concerned fan contacted the guard.

    Michael ManskeManske was arrested on an outstanding traffic violation and a search warrant was obtained to search his cellphone.

    The search revealed some pornographic photos he did not take and others he did take of young boys at a Texas Rangers game in July 2011, Richard said. Those boys were fully clothed and were not in the bathroom at the time.

    But Manske was charged with three counts of improper photography because he admitted to a detective that he was attracted to young boys and had watched them using the bathroom in the past, Richard said.

    He was also charged in federal court with possession of pornography.

    The Texas Rangers issued a statement saying its staff is trained to look for unusual fan behavior.

    “We also have procedures in place where our fans can report any unusual fan behavior they observe, and we encourage them to do so,” the statement said. “We want our fans to feel they are in as safe an environment as possible.”

    Manske was previously convicted of sex-related crimes but no longer appears on the Texas list of registered sex offenders, Richard said.