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Mall Robbers Steal Man's Engagement Ring Money

Robbers beat man at Town East Mall jewelry store



    Mesquite police are looking for the men who robbed and beat a man who was trying to buy an engagement ring at Town East Mall. (Published Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013)

    Mesquite police are looking for at least two men who beat up and robbed a man on Valentine's Day while he was in line to buy an engagement ring.

    The man was robbed just before 7 p.m. while at a jewelry store in Town East Mall. Police said the men approached the victim, beat him and stole $3,500 in cash out of his hands.

    "We're just not going to mess around when it comes to finding these guys," Sgt. Brian Parrish said. "We're taking it very seriously, and we're taking it personally."

    The victim sustained a broken jaw, busted-out teeth and a severely swollen face.

    "He's a hardworking guy. He works two jobs, and he's trying to build a family," Parrish said. "He was there to get an engagement ring, and it was no coincidence that it was Valentine's Day, so, clearly, he had plans, and he didn't make it, and instead he's a victim."

    The robbery has hit home for both police and shoppers.

    Brendolyn Rollins said it is insane that people can go shopping and walk out with a police report instead of their purchases.

    "Our wives and our children shop there and if somebody is going to be this blatant about a crime they are going to choose to do, then they're a danger to everyone," Rollins said.

    Mesquite police are asking anyone with information on the robbery to contact the investigator, Jeffrey Cannon, at 972-216-6252.