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Macaw Named Curly Found



    Macaw Named Curly Found
    Summer Adventures in Fair Park.
    A close-up of a Green-winged Macaw just like the one missing from the Wings of Wonder show.

    Summer Adventures in Fair Park is happy to report Curly, the missing Green-winged Macaw, has been found.

    Sally Wamre from Summer Adventures, said Curly was found Friday morning in the M Streets area of East Dallas. Neighbors apparently were tipped off about the missing bird from news reports. 

    Curly had been missing since Tuesday afternoon. The bird didn't return to her handlers after her midday performance.

    "We are not sure if winds caught her again or if she just went rogue," Sally Wamre from Summer Adventures in Fair Park wrote in a news release.

    Three weeks ago, Curly and another Green-winged Macaw went on the lam from the Wings of Wonder bird show.

    On Thursday, while looking for the bird, trainers said once she was found, "Curly will be removed from the show for the foreseeable future."