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MLK Parade Inspires Teens, Children



    Thousands of people lined the streets of Dallas to honor civil rights legend Martin Luther King, Jr. on the holiday that bears his name. Organizers of the Elite News MLK Parade and Festival used the events to inspire younger generations.

    Compared to the infamous Alabama civil rights march in 1963, Monday's march was just an easy stroll through Dallas.
    "MLK and our forefathers -- they marched for us. They had water hoses sprayed at them. They had dogs running after them biting them. And so, if they can do all that for us, then I can stand here and march and do that for his legacy," Abeni Haynes, of the volunteer organization Phi Delta Kappa, said. "He left a legacy that a young, African American as myself, that I can go places and do things. He's opened doors for me that probably wouldn't be open if he never did what he did."
    Teenagers and school children -- with musical instruments and banners in hand -- used music and dance to honor King's work and values of equal rights and non-violent protesting.
    "I'm marching in the parade to march for him and march for the different things he stood for for us," Kyle Collins, another Phi Delta Kappa member, said.
    "Today we should live up to his example," Keylon Mayers, a Dallas Trailblazers drummer, said.
    It's an example from history being taught to Dallas-area students.
    "It wasn't just yesterday. It's also for today as well as tomorrow," James Bates, a parade coordinator, said.
    NBC 5 was a sponsor of the parade, in its 25th year, and the Fair Park festival, in its 5th year.