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Lottery Jackpot Nears $300 Million

Mega Millions cash option tops $182 million



    Lottery Jackpot Nears $300 Million
    Mom and pop stores say they saw more green this "Small Business Saturday."

    by Bruce Felps

    Right about now I am counting $182.6 million and planning ways to spend it.

    I don’t have it, yet, but I will after Tuesday night’s Mega Millions multistate lottery drawing. Yeah, I’m very good at counting money I don’t have.

    Unfortunately, I’m very bad about spending money I don’t have, and my MasterCard statement reflects that misfortune and mismanagement.

    Anyway, we mentioned last week that the Mega Millions lotto jackpot hit $237 million and what a fine way to start the new year that might have been for someone. Alas, nobody won, and now the prize rolls over to $290 million with the aforementioned $182.6 representing the cash option, which should be about enough for most anybody not named Jerry Jones.

    Lotto Texas, by the way, also failed to produced a winner Saturday night so it jacks up to $12 million with the cash option at $7.7 million, and that would be perfectly acceptable, thank you very much.

    Feeling lucky? Not so fast, there, maybe. According to this little news item, the odds of winning the top Mega Millions prize stand at about 1 in 175.7 million, which will stop exactly zero people from taking a shot.

    Well, maybe four. Wimps.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He didn’t win Lotto Texas this past weekend. Obviously. He’s still here.