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Little Elm Plans New Water Tower to Combat Growth, Drought

The $5.5 million project should start soon



    Part of their Capitol Improvements Plan, the Town of Little Elm will build a $5.5 million water tower to help fuel growth on their west-side and quench the drought. (Published Monday, Feb. 18, 2013)

    The Town of Little Elm is getting ready to build a new water tower to help deal with their growing west-side population.

    Construction will begin soon at the corner of Little Elm Parkway and Eldorado Parkway on the $5,569,000 project that will add a 2-million gallon elevated tower and some improvements to the lot.

    "It's extremely important," said Assistant Town Manager Doug Peach, adding the project’s been in the planning phases for quite some time.

    Even in a town like Little Elm that’s known for its lakes, the water supply is still an on-going concern.

    "With the droughts that we've experienced over the last couple of years, and the massive growth in the North Texas area, water is probably one of the most important things that a community looks at," said Peach.

    The latest US Drought Monitor shows Denton County in the severe to extreme drought range. Many suppliers across the Metroplex are working to combat that and the added use from a growing population.

    The Trinity River Water District is planning to add a lake to the area to help increase their offerings; known as Lake Ralph Hall. That project is still at least a few years away.

    Back in Little Elm, they contract with the North Texas Water District and said, with the added tower supply, water shouldn’t be a concern for the time being; although the current water rations on yard-use will likely continue.

    "It means that we can continue the growth that we've experienced over the last decade; we can add additional retail and commercial development,” said Peach.

    The new tower, currently being called the Little Elm Parkway Tower, will be constructed by Landmark Structures of Fort Worth.

    The town expects construction to start soon and take about 14 months. Funding for the tower’s construction was part of the Utility Capital Improvement Projects Bond Fund.