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Little Debbie Truck Stolen, Cakes Sold: Police

Police recover truck, most of missing snack cakes



    Little Debbie Truck Stolen, Cakes Sold: Police
    Anthony Thompson, mugshot, inset.

    A Little Debbie truck driver delivering baked goods to a grocery store Thursday had his truck stolen and the contents sold.

    According to a police report, at about 1 p.m. the driver was headed back to his delivery truck when he quickly noticed it wasn't where he left it, parked in front of the Kroger on the 2400 block of Medical District Drive.

    The driver called his boss, and the police, and reported the truck stolen.

    A short time later, after leaving the supermarket with his boss, the driver spotted his truck being driven along Harry Hines Boulevard.

    The driver again called the police, who were able to stop the driver and take him into custody.

    A quick search of the truck revealed that, according to the driver's statement in the police report, 100 boxes, or more likely cases, worth an estimated $5,000, were missing from the truck.

    Police questioned the man they took into custody, later identified as 48-year-old Anthony Thompson, who told them he dropped off the cakes at a nearby address.

    Officers followed-up and a man at that location told them he paid $5 per box, or more likely per case, for the baked goods.  He still had 90 in his possession, worth about $3,400, which were turned over to police.

    Thompson faces a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle and is being held on $15,000 bond.  There is no word if he'll face charges for the $1,600 in unrecovered snack cakes.