Lewisville Mall's Ten Commandments Now Set in Stone

A stone tablet engraved with the Ten Commandments is the newest attraction for shoppers at Music City Mall in Lewisville.

(Published Friday, Dec. 29, 2017)

Shoppers at the former Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville now have another attraction, aside from the post-Christmas bargains.

The shopping center's new owners unveiled the attraction Friday – an eight-foot-tall stone tablet engraved with the Ten Commandments.

The new owner of a struggling North Texas shopping mall is putting its future in the Lord's hands.

(Published Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017)

John Bushman, the Odessa-based businessman who purchased the mall at auction in September, has similar Ten Commandments tablets at all his properties. At what's now known as Music City Mall at Vista Ridge, it's one of a number of planned changes, including live music and events, and new restaurants.

The mall struggled in recent years, under a series of owners.

Mall managers say drawing new customers isn't the reason for the Ten Commandments display.

"We're not trying to make a statement or create a controversy," said mall general manager Richard Morton. "This is part of Mr. Bushman's belief system, and he's not ashamed to share it."

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(Published Friday, March 16, 2018)

Bushman had planned to attend the unveiling ceremony, but foggy weather forced him to cancel his trip, Morton said.

Some shoppers say they'll now be more likely to shop at Music City Mall.

"For myself, I'm a Christian," said Carol Lynch, of Lewisville. "I think it's very good."

"What we are trying to create here is a family atmosphere," said Morton, who added that he hasn't received a single complaint about the Ten Commandments tablet. "This does create the foundation for love and respect."

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That foundation is now set in stone.

"I'm very impressed," Lynch said. "I will continue shopping here, just because of that."