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Lewisville Changing Garbage Collection Format



    Lewisville city leaders hope a change in their trash pick-up service will save money and help the environment. Starting next week, the city will go to once-a-week curb-side trash pick-up. (Published Monday, July 28, 2014)

    This will be the last week Lewisville residents will supply their own garbage cans for curbside pick-up, and the last week those cans will be emptied twice.

    Starting Monday, Aug. 4, the city will begin a new setup with Waste Management that will shift pick-up from the current twice a week format to just once a week.

    Workers have spent several days passing out all new garbage and recycling receptacles to homes that will transition into the new format.

    City Sustainability Manager Lisa Weaver said the goal of the change is to cut costs and increase recycling in the city.

    The new recycling carts will be much larger than the current bins, and with only one pick up a week, the hope is more people will take time to sort out recyclables, Weaver said.

    She hopes that will go toward putting less material into the city's landfill and making it last longer.

    "By diverting those materials and protecting the life of that landfill, then we're able to save on future cost for trash so that it doesn't have to be transferred to another city," said Weaver.

    The loss of a pick-up day will also cut costs as Weaver said volume on the second day pickup is generally very low anyway.

    The city asks anyone with old receptacles leave them at their curbside this week for workers to swap out with the new bins.