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Letters: Officers Acknowledged Falsifying Tickets



    Letters: Officers Acknowledged Falsifying Tickets
    Greg Janda
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    Disciplinary letters filed with the Civil Service Commission show four of six Fort Worth police officers fired this week acknowledged falsifying multiple traffic citations.

    The letters, signed by Police Chief Jeff Halstead and obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Friday, state that all six officers tampered with governmental records when they repeatedly altered times on tickets to indicate that they had been issued later.

    The six letters cite neglect of duty and violation of police rules as the cause for termination.

    The officers were suspected of deliberately omitting the time on otherwise legitimate tickets they wrote, then filling in the time later to make it appear they worked overtime, police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson said in April.

    Their attorneys say all six officers have appealed.

    Terry Daffron Porter of the Texas Municipal Police Association said officers only acknowledged inaccuracies. One claimed he altered times to fit a three-ticket-an-hour quota imposed by a supervisor.