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Let Wayne Buy It: Finishing Touch Yes! Hair Remover



    Let Wayne Buy It: Finishing Touch Yes!

    A product promises to safely remove hair anywhere, so an Arlington mother tries it out. (Published Friday, Sept. 29, 2017)

    Brittany Meister is a new mom, taking care of 7-month-old Braylee Grace. She loves every minute of being a mom, but there's one think she really misses — taking long showers.

    Meister says it means almost no time to shave her legs, so she jumped at the chance to try Finishing Touch Yes!, which promises to safely remove her hair, anywhere.

    We cracked it open in her family room, while Braylee happily played with her toys nearby.

    "It's actually really fancy. It's a lot fancier than I though it would look like," Meister said, examining the tool. "This is like a blade so it's going to be interesting."

    The directions said use a 45-degree angle and press it on the skin to activate.

    Meister said it didn't hurt and left her legs pretty smooth, but not as smooth as she'd like. No worries, though, because the Finishing Touch Yes! comes with a second attachment you're supposed to use afterwards to get a closer, smoother shave.

    Meister was pleased and plans to buy the Finishing Touch Yes! for herself.

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