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Lauren Scruggs Walking, Talking After Plane Propeller Accident

Fashion blogger, model learning extent of injuries



    Just days after accidentally walking into a small-engine plane propeller, the family of fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs say she is making a remarkable recovery.

    "She's got her spunk back, her personality," said Scrugg's father, Jeff Scruggs.

    Family members said Scruggs, 23, was going to say goodbye to the pilot when she accidentally walked into a moving propeller. Scruggs lost her left hand in the accident, sustained a brain injury and is at risk of losing her left eye.

    "She's able to raise both eyebrows," Jeff Scruggs said. "That doesn't sound like a big deal -- but they were worried about the nerve on one side -- but she's able to do that."

    Recovery Ahead for Lauren Scruggs

    [DFW] Recovery Ahead for Lauren Scruggs
    Lauren Scruggs continues to improve.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011)

    On Wednesday, she took her first steps since the accident, said her mother, Cheryl Scruggs.

    "They came in yesterday and brought her out into the hallway, and she walked," she said.

    "We didn't know she was counting, but they got about 30 steps out, and they turned her around and she said, '30.' And we're thinking, 'What does that mean?' And she said, 'I walked 30 steps.'"

    Online Fashion Magazine Editor Recovers After Freak Accident

    [DFW] Online Fashion Magazine Editor Recovers After Freak Accident
    Lauren Scruggs, the editor of the online fashion magazine LoLo, lost her hand and suffered serious injuries when she walked into the propeller of a private plane after a flight to view Christmas lights.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 5, 2011)

    In a news conference Thursday, Scruggs' parents said their daughter doesn't remember the accident.

    "She understands it was a bad accident, but she doesn't really know," Cheryl Scruggs said. "She can't remember any detail."

    Both parents said their daughter is now aware of the extent of her injuries and is learning to move forward without her left hand.

    On Thursday, she saw her reflection in the mirror for the first time.

    "She looked and said, 'That's not bad,' so that was encouraging," Cheryl Scruggs said.

    Scruggs' parents said there isn't a timetable for their daughter's recovery. But given what happened, they're not asking for one -- they're simply grateful their daughter is alive.

    "She shouldn't be alive today," Cheryl Scruggs said. "God saved her from it, and that's just a really big deal. She shouldn't really be alive. So we feel blessed in that. ... We're lucky to have her. I mean, we really are."