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Last-Minute Shoppers Try to Beat the Clock



    As malls close on Christmas Eve, last-minute shoppers great creative when it comes to shopping for gifts. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013)

    Long after most malls closed, some people still had plenty of shopping to do.

    People like Sharon Thomas and luckily there are stores that are still open for them.

    "Always close down the stores. Every year I say, 'I am never going to do this again' because it totally wears me out," said Thomas.

    Thomas never plans to be in line at the 24-hour Walgreens on Christmas Eve, but inevitably, she is once again.

    But there are shoppers like Juane Harris, who have last-minute shopping in their holiday game plan.

    "I don’t do after Thanksgiving. I let everybody do all that running around. Then at the very last second, I come out and snatch up these deals," said Harris.

    Noel Dennis also usually waits until Christmas Eve to hit the stores, and it will be a "spirited" holiday for his family. He stopped at Fossil Creek Liquor, which was open until 9 p.m. The lines were long.

    "Last second I have to go through these crazy lines we have at the front," said Dennis.

    "I walked in and I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' It was a little overwhelming. I guess everybody had the same idea," said Kate Hesley

    And just when last-minute shoppers thought they finally had it done, they realized, maybe not.

    "I am going home from here. I think. No, I am not. I have to go by the grocery store," said Thomas.