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Lake Worth Police Conduct Active Shooter Drill at High School



    It had been eight years since Lake Worth High School's last active shooter drill, so LWPD holds one Wednesday. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014)

    The Lake Worth Police Department held an active shooter drill at Lake Worth High School Wednesday.

    It had been eight years since the last drill at the school and the police chief felt it was important to do one again.

    "We want to get our people hands-on experience, so if something did occur not only are they experienced but so are teachers and other critical members of the staff," said Lake Worth Police Chief David Tatsak.

    They made Wednesday's drill very realistic. The entire Lake Worth Police Department was involved in the exercise.

    "We are going to be going over some of our training for active shooter," explained Lake Worth Police Department Training Coordinator Don Price. "We are also going to be going over school procedures, so they can be aware of what their actions should be in event of a crisis."

    To help make this drill even more real, volunteers were asked to come in to act as victims.

    "All the faculty, the Lake Worth ISD, they are all participating," said Price.

    Even though it has been awhile since they have had a drill like this in a school in Lake Worth, they are confident they are doing all they can to prepare themselves for the real thing.

    "Well we like to keep all of our officers rehearsed and well trained on active shooters, especially in the event of a school incident," said Price. "Even though we don't do a scenario. We do run them through training yearly."

    Tatsak said he hopes to have more of these type of drills in the near future.