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Kid Approved: This Year's Hottest Toys



    Kid Approved: This Year's Hottest Toys

    Do you really know what your kid wants from Santa? It's sometimes hard to tell, but a group of kids put the hottest toys of the year to the test. (Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2016)

    Kids are specific. They know what they want, and if you don't get it right they aren't afraid to tell you.

    To ease some parents minds, NBC 5 Responds' Samantha Chatman hung out with some pretty tough critics who know all about toys.

    "365 days a year we eat, breathe, and sleep toys," said Laurie Schact, owner of the Toy Insider.

    "You know, people will ask me 'what's the hottest toy?' The answer is, there isn't just one."

    She gave us of list of the hottest toys on the market and we put that list to the test by the toughest critics in North Texas.

    One of the most popular toys may be the robotic dog, "Chip." He can play fetch and even listens to commands. The best part? There is no cleanup involved.

    "So I love chip. Did you see his face when he walked in the room? Yeah he went straight to chip, he went crazy," said Schact.

    There's also Cyklone360, a radio-controlled bike. At $19.99, it won't break the budget. There are other instant favorites are classics.

    "What's your pony's name?" Samantha asked one little girl.

    "Pony!" She said, rocking, and rocking and rocking some more. It's plenty of entertainment for the little ones.

    If your children are looking to burn off steam, the Ripstik could be a go-to gift.

    "I chose the hoverboard. I kinda did it outside and i think i can do it," one child said.

    Cross "The Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa" off the Christmas list, Mom and Dad.

    "I picked this one because I really wanted it for Christmas!" said Clara Lane.

    They're said to be hottest toys of the year, and it looked like these kids approve.

    Below is the full list of "Hot Holiday Toys":

    Online: The Toy Insider

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