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Keller Police Post Speed Enforcement Locations on Social Media



    The Keller Police Department will use social media to warn people about traffic enforcement locations. Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Mark Hafner said he hopes that if people are taking the time to check out the posts, maybe they'll drive slower. (Published Monday, March 10, 2014)

    Keller police have decided to start posting speed enforcement location information on social media.

    Drivers can visit the Keller Police Department's Facebook page or Twitter account for locations designated as traffic enforement zones.

    “I think it is good for people to slow down,” said Cynthia Garcia, of Keller, who usually travels with her two young children. 

    Keller police hope this new approach will encourage drivers to slow down. The department wants to promote better communication and to make sure people are following traffic laws.

    The department announced the social media plan on Friday.

    “It will slow the people down who are going through the area. Everybody else who does not want a ticket will stay away from the area,” said Jarrett Armstrong, of Keller.

    Keller's Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, Mark Hafner, said that it is possible people will just reroute. He said officers not in those specific areas will continue to enforce speed.

    Hafner hopes that if people take the time to view the posts, maybe they'll slow down.

    Since the department announced the new approach to traffic enforcement, the department's Facebook page has received more than 400 likes on Facebook and almost 150 new Twitter followers.