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Keller City Manager Quits, Says to Cut His Position

City Council has final say on eliminating position



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    City manager recommends the city not fill his position.

    The city of Keller is looking for a new city manager, but the departing one says not to replace him.

    Dan O’Leary resigned at the March 20 City Council meeting. According to the city’s website, O’Leary suggested the city should look to trim staff costs whenever it can. He said his departure is just such an opportunity.

    O’Leary suggested that, as he leaves, the city eliminate an administrative position. The city currently has a city manager and two assistant city managers.

    The city website quotes O’Leary as saying his decision was made by he and his wife and that it wasn’t motivated by any city council action.

    “I have always had 100 percent support from the Mayor, City Council and the community from the day I arrived, and I continue to enjoy that support,” O’Leary was quoted as saying on the city website. “Keller has been a wonderful community to work for and is in an enviable position moving forward.”

    O’Leary has been with Keller since December 2007. Prior to that he worked as the city manager in San Marcos.

    O’Leary said the timing was right for his resignation, as it comes before May municipal elections and before the city budget discussions get further under way.

    “No one has asked me to leave,” O’Leary said. “I have never had any council member or candidate for a council position suggest another city manager would be preferable. This is totally a decision made by my wife and me based on what we believe is in the best interest for both of us and the city of Keller.”

    While O'Leary suggested one of the city manager jobs be cut, the ultimate decision will be made by the City Council.