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Katy Trail Jogger Hit By Cyclist Dies



    A Dallas woman who sustained severe head trauma when she and a cyclist collided died Sunday night.

    Police said Lauren Huddleston, 28, made an abrupt U-turn on the Katy Trail and was hit Thursday by an oncoming bicyclist.

    Her family said Huddleston told relatives she wanted to be an organ donor. Her bones, skin and tissue will help more than 75 people.

    "It absolutely makes it easier," said Charles Townsend, her brother. "It gives meaning and purpose to an otherwise senseless tragedy. It's very comforting."

    Loved Ones Remember Katy Trail Jogger

    [DFW] Loved Ones Remember Katy Trail Jogger
    A Dallas woman injured in a collision with a cyclist has died.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 4, 2010)

    Her family are wearing green bracelets that say "donate life" to encourage people to become organ donors.

    Townsend said some family members would like to someday meet the people Huddleston has helped.

    He said he will miss his sister's bright smile.

    Katy Trail Jogger Dies

    [DFW] Katy Trail Jogger Dies
    A Dallas woman has died after a tragic accident. Lauren Huddleston was hit head on by a cyclist as she ran along the Katy Trail. Her organ donations will help more than seventy-five people in need.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 4, 2010)

    "We could not find a photograph in which she was not smiling," he said. "That's just so true. She was always smiling."

    Dallas police said Huddleston was wearing headphones and may not have heard the cyclist coming.

    The bicyclist in Thursday's collision was hospitalized and later released for a broken collarbone.

    Police said Friday they will not file criminal charges filed in the case, calling it a tragic accident.

    NBCDFW's Randy McIlwain, Susy Solis and Ellen Goldberg contributed to this report.