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Judge May Try Teen as Adult in Murder Case

Teen showing no remorse for crime, prosecutors say



    Teen May Be Tried as an Adult

    A judge will consider trying a 15-year-old from Wylie as an adult for the murder of Nahum Martinez. (Published Tuesday, July 17, 2012)

    A Collin County judge says she will consider whether to try a Wylie teen, accused of killing his classmate, as an adult.

    Prosecutors say 15-year-old Nahum Martinez was shot to death in March by a fellow Wylie East High School student.  Tuesday morning, prosecutors and the defense team presented their closing arguments in the case.

    Judge Cynthia Wheless announced she’s going to review the transcripts from both sides, before making her decision.  She’ll announce her ruling at a later hearing.

    NBC 5 is not naming the teen because of his age.  He’s now 15-years-old, though he was 14 at the time of the crime in March.

    Prosecutors insist the teen and another boy shot Martinez in the head at a Wylie home, tossed his body out of a second-story window, dragged his lifeless body across the street, tried to shove him down a storm drain, and when that didn’t work said the boys left the freshman on the side of the street.  The state argues the teen then got rid of the gun, the ammunition, and bloody evidence in different locations. 

    Prosecutors said that proves the teen is a calm, sophisticated killer, who is a threat to the public.

    Prosecutors claim the teen has had a fascination with guns for years, took a gun to school before the shooting, and has since bragged about the murder in juvenile detention.  Guards have testified that while the teen has been in custody he’s shown no remorse for the alleged murder.

    The defense argues that the teen does not have a criminal history and should not be tried as an adult.  The teen’s attorney claims the boys had been playing with the pistol when it went off.  The defense said the state has not proven any motive for an intentional murder and believes the teen should stay in the juvenile court system.

    The teen will remain in custody until the judge makes her decision.  A court date for that announcement has not yet been set.