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Jogger Attacked, Robbed on Fort Worth Trinity Trails

Fort Worth Police can't recall any similar attacks on trails before.



    A jogger was attacked and robbed by two men on Fort Worth's Trinity Trails Thursday morning just west of Rockwood Golf Course. (Published Thursday, June 13, 2013)

    Some residents near the Fort Worth Trinity Trails are on edge after a male jogger was attacked and robbed on Thursday morning.

    The jogger was attacked and robbed near 1000 Isbell Road on the trail, just west of Rockwood Golf Course, north of White Settlement Road.

    Fort Worth police say the attack is rare and that they can't recall any kind of robbery like this happening on the trails. 

    "You never hear about stories like this in Fort Worth," said Monica Burns.

    The attack happened just after 7 a.m. when a male jogger was approached by two men. The men displayed a knife and a scuffle ensued. The men stole the jogger’s wallet and the jogger got away with cuts, scrapes and bruises.

    "I definitely do not feel safe now, I'll think twice before going alone as a woman on that trail," Burns said.

    This section of the trail is sparsely used compared to the more popular trail sections near downtown and Trinity Park.

    "Usually it's pretty friendly out here, never seen anything like that," said Paul Wolf. "I would say that's definitely a one-off, not something that's going to be repeated more often than not."

    One resident in the area says where the robbery happened is a place he stopped jogging through because of what he was seeing.

    "It's been safe a lot of time," said Juan Reiz. "But then you see strange people walking around, you know, and a lot of time people sleep right over here."

    Fort Worth police say those using the trail should remember to stay alert at all times and passed along the following safety tips.

    1. Don't run alone at night just before day when it is still dark
    2. Limit your distractions (iPods and mp3's) 
    3. Trust your instinct if you are feeling uncomfortable 
    4. Know your surroundings and always have a way out of a situation. 
    5. Keep someone posted of your coming and going when running if you must run alone.

    Police have not released any description of the two men who robbed the jogger.