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Joe Pool Lake Parks Sport New Location Signs

Markers that let visitors know exactly where they are to help cut down emergency response times



    New safety signs at Joe Pool Lake are focused on getting help where it's needed as fast at possible, last year three people died at the lake during the Fourth of July festivities. (Published Wednesday, July 3, 2013)

    Joe Pool Lake is making it easier for visitors to tell first responders where they are in the event of an emergency.

    Park officials worked with fire and police departments to place signs throughout Lynn Creek and Lloyd Parks with numbers and letters that designate location. If callers mention the letters and numbers, it can cut response time, potentially saving a life.

    "I actually heard a 911 call played back for me and the person who was in distress -- they had no idea what park they were even in," Lake Parks Superintendent Bob McGlothlin said.

    The signs also extend out into the water.

    "Years in the past, you'd look around and go, 'I'm to the nearest tree' or, 'I'm 500 yards off the other marina,' or something like that, and people just had a hard time trying to relay their location to the fire department," said Bryan Hart, Lynn Creek Marina boat rental manager.

    Janie Salazar said the signs give her assurance that if something happens, help will come quickly.

    "It's great to have them," she said. "It's a big help ... as a parent to know that those signs tell you where they're at."

    Six people drowned at Joe Pool Lake last year.

    Half of the deaths occurred during the Fourth of July holiday, the parks' busiest day of the year. Lake officials are doing everything they can to make sure there is not a repeat this year.

    "I personally had to tell a mother that her son passed away, and that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do," Hart said.

    Life jackets are also still available to park visitors. Visitors can visit a concession stand to borrow one.