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Irving Police Seek Help in Robbery, Jewelry Theft

Police post photos from the two unrelated crimes on Facebook, Twitter



    Irving police are turning to the media and social media in their hunt for leads in two separate cases. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013)

    Crime may be down in Irving, but police are turning to social media for help in solving two separate cases.

    Police posted photos from a convenience store robbery earlier this month and a September 2012 jewelry theft on social media sites Tuesday.

    "We want to find these people quickly, because if they've assaulted someone in this instance, they may do it again, and it may escalate," police spokesman Sgt. John Argumaniz said.

    In the February case, a robber assaulted a clerk Feb. 4 at a Shell gas station on Grauwyler and Story roads for a pack of cigars.

    M.D. Meah said the man turned violent when he refused to sell him cigars without an ID. The man punched him in his right ear and his front teeth, Meah said.

    "He came here and grabbed the cigarette," he said. "After that, he suddenly moved and punched me."

    Meah said he was assaulted for about five minutes.

    "I push him. I think he wants to rob, so I push him, but he just takes my hand and punch, punch and go," he said. "I fall down over there and after that he left."

    Meah said it was the first time he had been robbed in his three years of working at the gas station convenience store.

    Argumaniz said the trail in the September theft had gone cold and that police needed more help from the public.

    "A suspect walked into that store. When the clerk was distracted, he grabbed an entire case of jewelry and walked out of the store," he said. "He got away with approximately $1,000 worth of jewelry."

    Irving police say the city last year saw a decrease in the overall crime rate for the eighth consecutive year.