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Irving to Involve Residents in Crime Fighting

Irving PD introduced CrimeReports to its residents and hopes to get them to be their eyes and ears



    The Irving Police Department is introducing a program that keeps residents informed through emails and an iPhone app of crime reports and reports of suspicious activity throughout the city. (Published Wednesday, June 13, 2012)

    One North Texas police department is hoping to get residents more involved when it comes to fighting crime.

    The Irving Police Department introduced a program called CrimeReports that provides up-to-date information on suspicious activities taking place throughout the city.

    "They can set-up to receive email alerts notifying them of any criminal activity that is occurring in their neighborhood," said John Argumaniz, the public information officer for Irving police.

    Argumaniz also said users can customize the areas and the types of crimes they wish to see. They can also see the number of activities that occurred from three days to six months.

    Residents with iPhones can download the CrimeReports App and get emails directly onto their device.

    They will also offer a way where anonymous tipsters can communicate back and forth with investigators.

    "We can actually have a two-way dialogue using email to communicate with that tipster. And we do not know who that tipster [is], it's completely anonymous so that if we have or if we need more information, we can send an email back to that tipster," said Argumaniz.

    Police officer Corey Wilhelm said the program has helped officers like himself.

    "We drive around every day, but we can't memorize everything and that's the best tool we have is the residents and the information they can provide us," Wilhelm said.

    Residents are also happy to see the change. Audrey Wood, who takes care of her granddaughter, said she has been trying to stay informed about what is going on in her neighborhood.

    "There is too much and illegal stuff that goes on that is very important to know these days," she said.

    Camilla Thornton, who has been an Irving resident for 26 years, said she was also looking forward to signing up with the program.

    "I would like to know if a neighborhood is being targeted for break-ins. Also, I have some concerns about pedophiles because I do keep the 4-year-old," Thornton said.

    Irving is also looking into tweeting soon and getting more involved with social media.

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