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Irving ISD Tables Concealed Weapons Proposal

Measure was intended to give employees option while commuting, not for school security



    Irving School board members are looking over a controversial proposal that would allow teachers and staff to bring guns on campus. (Published Monday, April 1, 2013)

    The Irving school board unanimously voted to table a proposal to allow teachers and staff members to bring concealed weapons to school but leave them secured in their vehicles during the school day.

    School district trustees voted 7-0 to table the measure, saying they felt they needed more information before approving the policy.

    No date has been set to consider the proposal again.

    Board members discussed the pros and cons of the proposed policy change during a work session Monday.

    "I still just have a lot of questions both pros and cons," said Larry Stipes, the board member who suggested the change.

    Jerry Christian, chair of the board's policy committee said teachers and staff members would leave their guns stored securely in the vehicle, not allowing it to be seen. He also suggested that they not even talk about the guns being there.

    The proposal was not intended to change school security but would give employees the option of having additional safety while commuting to and from work.

    "I'm concerned that we don't have a purpose for the safety of the campus," Board President Ronda Huffstetler said. "It's for the safety of someone coming to and from, and that is not my responsibility."

    Superintendent Dana Bedden said he also had concerned about the proposal.

    "I have grave concerns about keeping a list because of Freedom of Information requests that could come in," he said.

    Board member Gwen Craig also expressed wariness, saying teachers' cars can become prime targets.

    "Teachers are always concerned about getting things stolen," she said. "They don't bring money to school. Teachers don't bring money, because they don't want it to be stolen."

    Christian said discussion would continue Monday night before board members make their decisions.

    "I think I can argue it either way," he said. "Unless it is shown that it would really deteriorate security on campus, then I don't see why we shouldn't allow employees to do that," he said.