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Owners of Found Pig Give Up Custody: Hurst Police



    Owners of Found Pig Give Up Custody: Hurst Police
    Hurst Police Department
    Hurst police found an injured pig on the loose early Tuesday morning. (Photos from Hurst Police Department)

    Hurst police say there is new information in the case of a pot-bellied pig found roaming a city street Tuesday with a cut on the top of its head.

    Police responded to a call about a loose pig at at about 4:15 a.m. Tuesday on the 100 block of Calcutta Drive.

    The police news release said,  "the pig was friendly, but just seemed to be lost." Animal services, which  took custody of the pig, said the pig had not just a cut on her head, but several puncture wounds on her upper back and neck area.

    Wednesday morning, Hurst police reported the owners of the pig had been located and wouldn't be home until Thursday. Police said at the time that the pig, named Molly, escaped from her pig sitter.

    But Thursday afternoon, police said the person who claimed to be pig sitting is actually Molly's owner.

    Police say Molly wandered into a neighbors yard Monday evening and was attacked by a pit bull  from a neighboring yard, which explained her injuries. The owner of the home heard Molly squealing and fended off the pit bull using the handle of a shovel and stopped the attack, according to police.

    Molly's owner took her home and tried to treat her injuries, but never reported the attack.

    Later Tuesday, after Molly was found, the pit bull escaped its yard again with a companion Labrador and ran through the neighborhood. Police and animal services say they got a call when the pit bull was attacking another dog in a backyard where Molly lives.

    Police say by the time officers arrived the pit bull and Labrador had returned to their yard by crawling under the fence.

    After the investigation of events surrounding Molly, the owner of the pit bull surrendered the dog to Hurst Animal Services and it will be put down. The Labrador was relocated.

    Since it is against City of Hurst Code of Ordinances to keep a pig inside the city limits and because of her mounting medical bills, Molly's owners voluntarily surrendered her to animal services.

    Police say while she undergoes treatment Molly continues to have a sunny disposition.

    Molly's owners  contributed funds toward her medical care, but Hurst Animal Services is also accepting donations.

    Anyone interested in making a donation for the care of Molly or other animals in the city's care, can call Hurst Animal Services directly at 817-788-7126.