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How to Protect Your Family When Using Household Pesticides, Chemicals



    How to Protect Your Family When Using Household Chemicals

    An accidental poisoning left four children dead in Amarillo. There are some things you need to know when using pesticides and what substances you should never mix. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017)

    An accidental poisoning in Amarillo that left four children dead and hospitalized five others occurred after a pesticide was mixed with water, investigators say.

    The family somehow got a hold of a pesticide that should only be used by experts, and spread too much of it around their home.

    When they tried to get rid of the chemical by washing it away, it created a toxic gas that led to the poisoning of the family inside. The chemical should not be mixed with water.

    Obviously getting chemicals from a friend is always a bad idea, and not something you should ever try.

    Purchasing chemicals on the store shelves can be just as dangerous if you don't follow the directions.

    Some of the products are powders, like what the family used in Amarillo, and washing them away can cause big problems.

    Remember to following the following tips:

    • 1) Read the label – Every chemical is different. Some need special care to handle, apply and wipe away. Make sure you’ve read what you’re dealing with and the best way to handle and dispose of it.
    • 2) Protect yourself – Wear gloves, goggles and whatever it takes to make sure you’re putting a barrier between your skin or eyes and the chemical, and ensuring you’re not inhaling it.
    • 3) Never mix chemicals – It’s not like cooking. "A little of this and that" can cause an explosion, or a dangerous gas to form.
    • 4) Don't work alone – Make sure someone is there to call for help in case something goes wrong.

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