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SXXpress Eases Long Lines Bemoaned by Filmgoers



    SXXpress Eases Long Lines Bemoaned by Filmgoers
    Participants work on computers and relax during the SXSW Interactive conference.

    Music, the final element in the SXSW trifecta, doesn't kick off until Wednesday, but thousands have already descended on Austin for the Interactice and Film legs of the fest. Here's a peek at what's already going on.

    People are buzzing about "Kick-Ass," an indie foray into the comic book adaptation genre, about a teen who decides to become a superhero. It screened on day one of the film fest, as did footage from the upcoming summer release, "Predators," produced by Austin-hatched auter Robert Rodriguez.

    But more than the films themselves, people seem to be buzzing about the lines to get into them. Good luck catching multiple screenings in one day. Even if you're a badge holder.

    Thankfully, it seems the music people are on it, introducing the SXXpress press this year.  If you've been a badge holder in the past, you know it may get you into a particular venue, but not before everyone else -- and each of those venues are prey to capacity limits (sigh, fire codes).

    But this year, each music pass holder gets one SXXpress pass per day, which gets him to the front of a line. And platinum badge holders get two per day. So whichever show is most important to you that day, you will see. But choose wisely. 

    If you are a music or platinum badge holder, you can pick up your XXpress passes on the 4th Floor of the convention center near panel room 15, from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the same day as the show. More details are at