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Piece of Metal Falls From the Sky, Hits Home



    The FAA is investigating after a piece of metal seemingly fell from the sky and damaged the roof of a Denton County home with the family inside. (Published Tuesday, July 22, 2014)

    A piece of metal fell from the sky and crashed into the roof of a Denton County mobile home over the weekend.

    Rachael Thompson and Richard Myszkowski heard a loud bang Saturday morning while they were feeding their 11-month-old inside their home on Seaborn Road near Ponder.

    When they went outside to inspect, they found what looked like a metal turbine on the roof of their mobile home.

    Thompson said it weighed only a few pounds but hit with enough force to put a large gash in the metal roof.

    "It was like somebody threw a hammer at the house," she said. "What else is going to fall out of the sky?"

    Luckily, the object didn’t penetrate the home, as the family of five was inside at the time.


    "Thank God it fell on the roof," Myszkowski said.

    The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the matter, and a spokesperson said they are working to identify the object.

    The family believes it may have fallen from a plane, as they see frequent air traffic in the area.